Touchwood Flooring Services specialise in the sanding, repair and restoration of wooden flooring in Abingdon and across Oxfordshire. As well as installing new wooden flooring, our experts can bring the sparkle back to your well-loved wooden floor and restore it to its former glory.We can sand the life back into solid wood flooring and certain types of engineered wood flooring. From the home to the office, we have the sanding solution for you.

A touch of TLC

Is your old wooden flooring looking drab and dishevelled? Touchwood Flooring Services can give your floor a touch of TLC to bring it back to life. Sanding down your wooden floor removes the old surface of the floor to reveal a new surface area underneath. Natural wooden flooring acquires character over time and sanding it helps to open up the grains in the wood, accentuating its natural patina.

Sand away stains and scratches

Scuffs, stains or scratches? Sanding is the solution. The motions of everyday life can take their toll on your wooden floor. The moving of furniture and the sharp claws of your feline and canine friends can lead to scuffs and scratches on the surface of your floor. Stains from food or water can engrain themselves into the wood and heavy footfall can leave your floor looking dirty. By sanding your floor down to the bare wood, such damage to the surface can be removed.

Transform your room

Want to completely change the look of your room? Bored with the same old colour? Sanding your floor will remove old varnishes from the surface of your floor, allowing brand new stains and finishes to be applied. Whether it be oil or lacquer, we can find the perfect finish for you.

Cost-effective sanding solutions

Hardwood is known for being dense and sturdy. Sanding your hardwood flooring can enhance the natural durability of your floor. By making your wooden flooring last longer, sanding provides an economical, cost-effective alternative to replacing your old wooden floor.


Dust allergies? Fear not. Touchwood Flooring Services work with the latest sanding technology to ensure the sanding process is as dust-free as possible. We vacuum the floor after the sanding process to ensure any remaining dust is removed.


“Glenn was really helpful at all times and wink out his way to help us with furniture, appliances etc. Floor looks great . Really pleased”

“Excellent result. A floor that has seen 20 years of wear is back to new. Glenn is totally professional, takes pride in his work, and knows all there is to know about wooden floors”

“Glenn was very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to throughout discussing what we wanted done, getting a suitable quote together, and carrying out the actual work. Our new flooring was fitted to a very high standard and completed quicker than we thought it would be. Would highly recommend to anyone”

“Really excellent service and experience. Returned calls and messages promptly, arrived on time and did a really great job”

“Glenn did a thoroughly professional job and I cannot rate his work more highly. An excellent craftsman, I would highly recommend his services”

“Glen did a fantastic job of our laminate flooring. He talked me through the job thoroughly before he started, made a real effort to be tidy and finished the job within the agreed time frame to a great standard”

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“Glenn has done a beautiful job on our bedroom floor. It took a lot of work, but he was very efficient and made no mess at all. We’re looking forward to asking him back next year when we have another room to do”

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  • Kahrs Oak Floor in Abingdon
  • Supply and Fit of  Kahrs Oak Oiled Flooring in Oxford
  • Supply and Fit of  Kahrs Oak Oiled Flooring in Oxford
  • Supply and Fit of  Kahrs Oak Oiled Flooring in Oxford
  • Supply and Fit of  Kahrs Oak Oiled Flooring in Oxford
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You will find a wide range of solid wood flooring and laminates to choose from at Touchwood Flooring in Abingdon. Our hardwood flooring provides a natural, beautiful finish while our laminate flooring is an inexpensive alternative.

Floor Sanding


We don’t only provide brand new flooring solutions for your home. We can also sand down your existing hardwood floor and perform a restoration so that it looks as good as the day it was laid.



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