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schoolpageTouchwood Flooring Services – School floor sanding and restoration

Touchwood Flooring Services are experts in the installation, restoration and sanding of wooden floors in educational settings, such as schools and universities.

We understand that, these days, the education sector is under a lot of pressure to keep costs to a minimum. Our highly-skilled operatives are extremely professional and understanding and can work with you to deliver perfect solutions that suit your budget and time constraints.

Schools are extremely busy places and wooden floors must be durable enough to keep up with a fast paced environment. The sheer number of footsteps a wooden classroom or gymnasium floor experiences on a daily basis can take the shine out of the wood and lead it to become dull, damaged, dirty and dented.

With the help of Touchwood Flooring Services, these problems can be easily removed through our sanding and restoration process. Sanding a wooden floor is a cost-effective way to enhance the natural beauty of a wooden floor and make it last longer.

Sanding down the surface layer of the wood is a quick and easy way to remove damage to the surface of the floor and remove any dirt engrained in the wood. Sanding the floor also encourages the pores in the wood to open, which brings life back to wood that has become dull and drab over time.

Once the damaged or dirty surface layer has been removed, the new surface layer of wood can then be re-finished. We have a wide range of varnishes, oils and lacquers to choose from which can create a variety of looks. Just ask our experts for help with choosing the finish that best suits the purpose of the floor. The floor can be re-finished to match the original design or, if you are feeling adventurous, a new finish can be applied to give the room a new look. Classrooms can be brightened up purely by restoring the wooden floor and a sports hall floor can gain a shiny brand-new feel just by adding a simple lacquer finish.

Re-finishing a wooden floor protects the wood from further damage, meaning the wooden floor will last longer. Restoring a wooden floor is a cost-effective means of preserving the wood and your budget! After Touchwood Flooring Services have restored your damaged floor, it will be left looking as good as new and will no longer be hazardous to pupils and staff.

At Touchwood Flooring Services, we work with the latest technology to ensure levels of dust are kept to a minimum during and after the restoration process. This not only benefits allergy suffers but means there is nothing to clean up after we are gone and school life can continue as normal. If you choose to restore a floor during term-time, we aim to keep disruption to a minimum.

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