Floor Restoration

Floor Renovation and Restoration Oxford

Touchwood Flooring Services offer a wide range of floor renovation and restoration services in Abingdon and across Oxfordshire. From fixing damage to cleaning and polishing, from re-finishing to re-staining, we can restore your wooden floor back to its original beauty.

Why restore your floor?

Restoring your wooden floor is not only cost-effective but can also add value to your home. Original wood is likely to be of better quality than any modern replacement floor, meaning a well–maintained original wooden floor will look great on any estate agent’s listing. Restoring your wooden floor is an easy way to help your floor last longer, enhance its natural beauty and accentuate the patina it has developed over time.

Our restoration services

We can assure you that our restoration services will cause no damage to the surrounding environment.  At Touchwood Flooring Services, we work with the latest technology to ensure levels of dust are kept to an absolute minimum during and after the restoration process.

Floor repairs

Uneven floor boards are no match for our experts. Prior to sanding your floor, Touchwood Flooring Services can perform any repairs that are necessary. We fix any loose boards and fill any gaps between the boards, preventing annoying squeaks and ensuring the wooden floor is level. Sanding your floor would then create a sleek, smooth finish to the surface.

Floor staining and painting

You may wish to treat your wooden floor after it has been sanded. You can choose a brand new shade of stain or paint or we can help you to find the shade that matches the colour of the original floor.

Floor re-finishing

After sanding and treating your wooden floor, you will need to protect the new surface layer from damage, dirt and scratches. Re-finishing your floor will do the trick. Our experts can help you to choose from a wide range of varnishes, lacquers and oils to suit your needs. Want a drastic new look for your floor that transforms your room? Applying a brand new finish can do just that. Not only can a new finish rejuvenate your floor or change its look completely, it will also help your wooden floor to last longer.

Floor cleaning and polishing

Heavy footfall is a wooden floor’s worst enemy. Over time it can take the shine out of a wooden floor, leaving it looking dirty and lifeless. We can brighten up your floor by cleaning it or polishing it. Polishing is a great way to restore laminate floors to their former glory as laminate floors are not thick enough to be sanded.

Want to treat your wooden floor to some TLC? Call our experts on 01235 538 080 for advice or a no-obligation quotation.